Publication Policy

General Instructions:

Manuscripts may be submitted directly via direct email to JISR-C or can be submitted online to OJS on

Every published article can be accessed through JISR-C website

Archived issue (2016 and back) can be accessed on

Principal/Corresponding author shall submit original manuscript along with all the supporting/supplementary material (if any) and Consent letter duly filled and signed by principal author, on behalf of all the Co-authors (if any) on the given email address. Consent letter can be requested from JISR-C 

The author shall ensure that the manuscript is original in nature and is not submitted in any other journal for publication. The author shall also confirm that the manuscript is not published already elsewhere. Additionally, the author(s) must also obtain permission regarding any copyrighted illustration, structure or table published previously.

Authors should ONLY submit their articles directly as we do not accept articles through intermediary companies or agents. Manuscripts submitted by the third party will not be entertained.

For any further queries regarding submission preparation, please contact at JISR-C.

a) License:

All articles are published under the terms of the Creative Commons ( Attribution Non-Commercial License which permits unrestricted, non-commercial use, distribution and reproduction in any medium, provided the work is properly cited. The Corresponding Author retains ownership of the copyright of the published work.

b) Manuscripts Published:

JISR-C publishes original research articles and guest edited thematic topic issues written in English in all domains of Computer Science. Book reviews, Conference Proceedings and mini thematic issues are also considered for publication.

c) Authors details:

The below details shall be provided by the corresponding author with the submission.

1) Full name of Corresponding/Principal author (marked with asterisk*)

2) Full names of Co-authors

3) Institutional affiliation of all authors

4) A complete address including cellphone/landline.

5) E-mail address

d) Article Retraction:

In the event that ethical misconduct (e.g. misrepresentation/falsification of data, pervasive errors, plagiarism, multiple submission, etc.) is determined to have occurred in a manuscript published in JISR-C, the editors of the journal reserve the right to issue a public retraction of the manuscript in question. The retraction will appear in the form of a note published in a subsequent issue of the journal.

e) Resubmissions:

Manuscripts that have been rejected are not eligible for further consideration by the journal and thus should not be resubmitted. If a revision is allowed, it will be explicitly stated in the Editor's decision.