Impact Estimation of Offshore Floating Solar Parks on Algae using Ordinary Differential Equations

  • Kaniz Fatima Bahria University Karachi, Pakistan
  • Basit Ali Bahria University Karachi, Pakistan
  • Rashida Qari Bahria University Karachi, Pakistan
  • Abdul Attayyab Khan Bahria University Karachi, Pakistan
  • Mahnoor Arshad Dow University of Health Sciences, Pakistan


Floating solar park deployment increasing as the demand for clean energy increases around the world. These solar parks introduce a new avenue of investment for the clean energy producers, nevertheless increasing offshore floating solar parks affects the marine ecosystem. In this paper mathematical model related to the effect of solar irradiance on the process of photosynthesis is discussed using MATLAB simulation. Along with that growth model of algae is also discussed and simulated that can estimate an impact on the marine ecosystem due to halted growth of algae based on solar park size.