A Comprehensive Comparative Evaluation of Machine Learning Algorithms on Facebook Comment Dataset

  • Iffraah Rehman Institute of Business Management, Pakistan
  • Muhammad Umair Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS
  • Shamim Akhtar Majmaah University, Saudi Arabia
  • Waqar Khan Institute of Business Management, Pakistan
  • Haider Abbas Iqra University, Pakistan
  • Ranjay Kumar Choudhary Majmaah University, Saudi Arabia


Data mining is an emerging technique with its application in various areas such as health care, education, travel, social media, and banking. The data can be either labeled or unlabeled. When it comes to social media, the various platforms generate an infinite amount of data. This data can be of immense importance as a lot of hidden information can be discovered after data mining. In this paper, machine-learning algorithms such as Decision Tress, SVM and Linear Regression and their variants are applied on Facebook comment dataset, obtained from UCI machine learning repository. The dataset has 40,949 instances and 54 attributes. The goal is to predict the number of comments a Facebook post will get based on various conditions. The results indicate that Fine Gaussian SVM variation of SVM yielded highest predication accuracy. The evaluation was done on different parameters such as average testing accuracy (%), Root Mean Square Error (RMSE), R- Squared, Mean Square Error (MSE), Mean Absolute Error (MAE), prediction speed (Obs/sec) and training time (Machine cycle). It is concluded that SVM is an ideal choice to solve prediction problems associated with social media data.