Comprehensive Study of Textual Processing and Proposed Automatic Essay Evaluation System

  • Aqsa Zahid Mughal
  • Asia Samreen


From last 50 years the work has been conducted on building such systems that can have capabilities by which it can evaluate or check like a human tutor or even better than a human tutor, this is the goal of Automatic Essay Evaluation System. Grading essays is one of the most tedious and time-consuming task, subjectivity of topic, bias nature of human grader are also key points which affect the process of assessing, this becomes initial motivation for advancing the method of assessment resulting human written essays are now assessed by humans and also by computer system Automatic Essay Evaluation System. In this paper a detailed study is conducted on AEE systems and its building approaches such as text mining and text processing for the purpose to bring the exposure to this research field as technology upgrades, it has become more commercialized raising to the most important problem in the development of AEE system, the lack of its exposer. This paper also addresses our approach replicating all possible qualities of existing AEE system for the students and teachers of Pakistan.


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