Designing Dispersion Flattened Photonic Crystal Fiber for Wideband Applications

  • Kubra Bashir Institute of Business Management, Karachi Pakistan
  • Rabia Zaman Institute of Business Management, Karachi Pakistan
  • Irfan Ahmed Department of Electronic Engineering, NED University of Engineering and Technology, Karachi Pakistan
  • Muhammad Imran Aslam Department of Electronic Engineering, NED University of Engineering and Technology, Karachi Pakistan


In this paper, we proposed a dispersion flattened photonic crystal fibre (PCF) for having very low dispersion for wide bandwidth as well as low confinement loss. The proposed fibre has been numerically analyzed for Silica core as well as Borosilicate crown glass core with square lattice air holes. In the proposed design we have used elliptical air holes in the inner ring whereas outer rings are circular. Finite Element Method based software tool is used to analyze the proposed design. This comparison of core materials deduces that Borosilicate crown glass PCF produces negative dispersion, making it a good candidate to be used as Dispersion Compensating Fiber (DCF), whereas Silica PCF provides nearly zero dispersion at wavelength range 1.35 µm to 1.70 µm.


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