Modified Structure of Photonic Crystal Fiber with Dispersion and Confinement Loss Properties for Wideband Applications

  • Kubra Bashir


In this article, an optimized structure of Photonic Crystal Fiber (PCF) has been planned that investigates the effect of dispersion and confinement loss of square shaped photonic crystal fiber, intended for wideband applications ranges from 1.35um to 1.70um. The objective of the suggested geometry is to attain such optical properties by fluctuating its parameters like pitch, number of outer circular rings and inner elliptical rings to make it flexible and simple for manufacturing. Finite Element Method and Perfectly Matched Boundary layer (PML) is set for this proposed geometry. Moreover, recommended PCF structure has unlimited application value in the fiber-optic communications such as fiber lasers, highly sensitive gas sensors, nonlinear devices, high-power transmission  and much more.